SIMPLE TEST.... See if people around you are moremore Negative or Positive?

SIMPLE TEST.... Are people around you more Negative or Positive? If negative then here`s some BIGTIME information you need to know!
Universal Laws...
Humans are like herds. People follow and copy learned behavior from each other and 95% of people are negative. Which means you will be a negative person and remain negative unless you disassociate, distant yourself from negative people & change your mind set. Most have no awareness of this (hence why only a small amount of people on this planet are truly abundant) and most importantly don’t have any understanding of laws of Nature (Universal laws) to abide by in order to win at the game of life. When we choose to ignore the natural Laws of the Universe, we will experience struggle, resistance, unfulfilled destiny, pain, lack of direction etc. It has always been in the nature of humanity to believe mostly in the things we can see, feel, taste, hear or touch while doubting anything else that is beyond the perception of our immediate sens…

Here`s The EASY GUIDE To More Sex & Fixing Relationship Issues

Here`s The EASY GUIDE To More Sex & Fixing Relationship Issues
It’s funny when guys ask me “why are their partners doing this or that?” It`s so cute. Cute because all you have to do is ask her. Lol. Here`s the trick to successfully getting a truthful non aggressive answer. LISTEN to the answer. Most women stop talking or respond angry as when they talk you don`t hear them. Both of you sit down, TV off, mobile off, laptop off and totally focus on your partner and ask her any question lovingly THEN, she will answer. Successful communication in a relationship to a woman is as important as you having sex. Men big time underestimate this and even belittle it as nagging. Men get sexual frustrated and shut down and women get frustrated by non or misunderstood communication and then also shut down.
This is not just a guesstimate, this is genetics! Women are born nurturers to communicate and keep the family safe, that’s why it is important to be heard. If you break her trust, lie, stop comm…


MEN & SEX DRIVE Planet earth is for all humans and sentient beings to experience love. With love follows sharing love hence why relationships are formed. Men are leaders of co creation & life, where as women are carriers of life form. Both entities are equality important and essential in purpose as both lead to the continuation of humanity on this planet. ………………… Many men feel lost, sad, burden, shamed, embarrassed about heightened sex drives and cheat, lie, secretly masturbate, fantasize, visit prostitutes, chat rooms, lap dancing clubs ect to “cover” their desire. EVERYTHING and every human is created individual & differently. When it comes to humans & sex drive, depending on how masculine you are is where the heightened sex drive lays. Everything should be an equal balance in life. Each person should equal out their masculine and feminine. This has not been recognized enough let alone practiced hence why men still have heightened sex drives over women. As stated men/masc…

Can Any Relationship Work or Be Saved?

Can Any Relationship Work or Be Saved?

The question is, why would you want “any” relationship? I don`t know about you but I want a shit hot, good looking, passionate, intelligent, loving and caring, sexy ass man! Not “any” old thing. You see if you settle for “any” relationship then it’s not likely to work as “anything” is not special to you and can be boring, mundane, dull and average. So why would you wanna save that? Go find your shit hot sexy ass women... or.... make major step to fix up your relationship to become shit hot. As I say if you have a fu*king amazing relationship it is more likely you would want to work at it or save it

Sophia ; ) x

How To Get A Boring, Dead or Done Relationship Better Then Ever!

How To Attract And Date A Successful Women


Although it’s not so much a mindset for men to actively want to pursue and attract successful women, never the less it is achievable.
So Why Don`t Men Go For Rich Chicks? The number one reason why men don`t ask out women that are more successful & financially more abundant than themselves is because men are not wired to be followers. Most women are born nurtures/followers where as men are born maintainers & leaders from prehistoric days. So men are hard wired to build the foundations where as women are hard wired to maintain that foundation. So for a guy to get his head around being “second best” so to speak is a big deal. Of course there are some men that are totally ok with being house daddies and letting their partner bring home the bacon, but generally if this is the case then that guy has balanced out his internal feminine and masculine or it is already evenly balanced.
So for the guys who are still more masculine and are n…

Are You Mr Boombastic?

Mr Lover Lover Are You Mr Bombastic?
One point for yes and big fat zero for answer no
Do you remember what your partner was wearing when you first met her? Do you know what colour is your partners eyes? Do you know what your partner’s favourite colour is? Do you know your partners favourite food? Do you know your partners favourite song? Do you know your partners middle name? Do you know your partners qualifications? Do you know what your partners passion is? Do you know what your partners dream job would be? Do you know your partners would love to go on holiday?
What your score... George Dawes?
Here`s a question for ya. Don`t you think your partner would dump your ass if someone else knew ALL the answers?
Take interest, show up and know your women! Sophia x