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How To Get A Boring, Dead or Done Relationship Better Then Ever!

How To Attract And Date A Successful Women


Although it’s not so much a mindset for men to actively want to pursue and attract successful women, never the less it is achievable.
So Why Don`t Men Go For Rich Chicks? The number one reason why men don`t ask out women that are more successful & financially more abundant than themselves is because men are not wired to be followers. Most women are born nurtures/followers where as men are born maintainers & leaders from prehistoric days. So men are hard wired to build the foundations where as women are hard wired to maintain that foundation. So for a guy to get his head around being “second best” so to speak is a big deal. Of course there are some men that are totally ok with being house daddies and letting their partner bring home the bacon, but generally if this is the case then that guy has balanced out his internal feminine and masculine or it is already evenly balanced.
So for the guys who are still more masculine and are n…

Are You Mr Boombastic?

Mr Lover Lover Are You Mr Bombastic?
One point for yes and big fat zero for answer no
Do you remember what your partner was wearing when you first met her? Do you know what colour is your partners eyes? Do you know what your partner’s favourite colour is? Do you know your partners favourite food? Do you know your partners favourite song? Do you know your partners middle name? Do you know your partners qualifications? Do you know what your partners passion is? Do you know what your partners dream job would be? Do you know your partners would love to go on holiday?
What your score... George Dawes?
Here`s a question for ya. Don`t you think your partner would dump your ass if someone else knew ALL the answers?
Take interest, show up and know your women! Sophia x


Most arguments escalate and never get sorted as when you are in an negative emotional state such as anger, frustration, fear, upset ect, you are on a lower vibrational frequency of which generally maintains throughout a argument as your partner will react to that negative frequency, causing you both to react back and forth negatively. When someone attacks you (argument occurs) your animal instinct reptilian brain defends as a natural defense. This is how arguments start. Once this occurs the argument goes round and around in your brain trying to find answers of which it will not be able to do in that lower vibrational state. So this is why arguments generally never get resolved or sorted as you need to be in a better frequency to understand what the problem/argument is about to then resolve it. As Einstein sates” We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used to create them”. This is also why even after the argument has finished, the argument remains in …

How To Avoid Heart Break