Does Your Partner Pi*s You off?

Does Your Partner Piss You off?
Here`s a list of things that she should do to push your buttons. And the other list is of things that you should piss her off right out the front door!
Pushes you to achieve more
Goes on about how you should have a better job, change career or be self employed
Moans when you smoke, drink or are lazy
Pushes you to do things out of your comfort zone
Wants affection, communication & time together
Puts you down
Says you’re not good enough, useless or never will achieve fu*k all in life
Couldn’t give a shit when you come home from work or when you’re together
Communication is borderline stalking or abusive
Demands money on a regular
Uses sex and the kids as a weapon
She smokes & drinks often and is lazy
THE GOOD LIST: Men moan about both lists. But the Good List is a woman wanting the best for you in career and health wise, whilst also pushing you to do more in life so you become more. Men also moan about women and affection but trust me, a lot of men stay in relationships hoping and praying for a kiss and cuddle from a partner who just doesn’t give a fu*k about them. So appreciate that she’s into you still, as in many relationships that affection stage can be exactly that, a stage.
THE BAD LIST: Here`s the raw facts about this situation. You know deep down that this situation isn`t good and you can do better. Even if you’re staying for the kids, marriage or cos you don`t want to be alone or think you can`t pull another bird, whatever your reason but YOU KNOW it aint good. Will it change? Fu*k yer. When you get the hell out of it and find someone better! If not then nope it will never change. Why won’t it change? Because you allow her to walk all over you so why would she change that?


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